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Explainability (and its sibling, interpretability) is arguably the most important new legal concept developed in response to the creation of highly complex artificial intelligence models trained on massive amounts of data and computer power.


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Written by: Sarah Turner, Liam Blackford, Bridie Barton

On 20 December 2023, the UK Supreme Court handed down its long awaited judgment in Thaler v. Comptroller-General of PatentsDesigns and Trademarks, dismissing Stephen

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As companies consider the benefits of using generative artificial intelligence, they must also balance such benefits against certain legal and business risks.

This article explores possible frameworks for a policy that strategically leverages the benefits

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Written by: Christopher Cullen, Sam Tyner-Monroe, Tony Samp, Bennett Borden, Danny Tobey. Coran Darling

The Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence (AI) of the National Science and Technology Council has released its latest update to the

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A bipartisan group of lawmakers has drafted a federal privacy bill that would largely preempt most state privacy laws and include a limited private right of action for individuals. Israeli corporations involved

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