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Privacy Update – Japan

In the wake of our second marquee WIN dinner in Tel Aviv a few weeks ago (to over 25 GCs), featuring a wonderful presentation by our Brussels-based colleague, Patrick Van Eecke, on data protection developments in Europe and around the world, please click

for our update on Japan’s privacy law, which were just announced at the end of December.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or want to better understand the applicability of this legislation on your company’s activities.

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JP Morgan Healthcare Conference – San Francisco

It was a privilege welcoming many of our Israeli friends at the various events that we hosted in San Francisco during the annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in mid-January.  Programming is now underway for an innovative digital health event that we plan to host here in Israel during Q2.  In the meantime, please read our report below covering one of our programs, analyzing healthcare behaviors in the context of evolving technology.


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Upcoming Israel Events

Hope everyone is having a successful and productive beginning to 2017!

We are off to a very ambitious beginning with several events in Israel planned for the next six weeks, including (1) a European tech breakfast event, with colleagues from Sweden, Germany and the UK (three of the main tech centers in Europe); (2) the second installment of our WIN dinner series for in-house counsel with a profile on European privacy/data protection and new developments with the GDPR (we will be joined by colleagues from Belgium); (3) a China-focused breakfast discussing the sustainability of China’s outbound investment trends, updates on inbound trends, and monetizing foreign technology there (featuring the head of our corporate practice from Shanghai); and (4) our 5th annual global real estate conference, discussing 2017 trends, and featuring top participants and panelists from around the world (including our own colleagues from 6-7 countries).

Please be in touch with Naomi ( or me ( if you are interested in any/all of the above and would like to learn more details.  We would love to see you there!

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New EU ePrivacy rules in the making

If you thought the EU General Data Protection Regulation is a lot to contend with, just wait until you learn about the new Regulation that is likely going to replace the 2002 EU ePrivacy Directive.  A version of the draft regulation was recently leaked, and it indicates a potentially significant impact on any organization, whether based in the EU or elsewhere, that uses metadata, tracking software, or other tools to monitor online behavior.

To read the entire Data Protection Alert from our colleagues, please click here.



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Announcing Our New Handbook: GLOBAL PATENT LAWS


We are thrilled to announce the launch of DLA Piper’s newest handbook, Global Patent Laws. Global Patent Laws is designed to provide you with an overview of the key patent laws and dispute resolution procedures that are relevant to businesses operating in key jurisdictions around the world. For each of these jurisdictions, the handbook covers such areas as:

The acts that infringe a patent
The availability of and approach to granting preliminary injunctions
The ability to obtain evidence
The approach to assessing validity
Typical time to trial

For companies operating in multiple countries, managing the risk of – and successfully bringing or defending – patent proceedings can often depend on strategic exploitation of the different approaches among jurisdictions. Accordingly, our handbook also allows you to compare the laws and procedures of one country with those in others.
To access the handbook, please go here.



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Major changes to data and cybersecurity practices in China, by Scott Thiel and Carolyn Bigg

Concerns about cybersecurity attacks have continued to grow around the world.  Countries are passing sweeping reforms and companies are scrambling to keep up.

After a third deliberation, the Chinese government passed the new PRC Cybersecurity Law on November 7, 2016. The new law will come into force on June 1, 2017 and has significant implications for the data privacy and cybersecurity practices of both Chinese companies and international organizations doing business in China.

Our colleagues in Hong Kong have broken down some of the key provisions of the new law in a recent article.  To read the entire article, click here.

data protection


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Israel’s Evolving Relationship with the U.S.

Israeli companies and law firms are taking their business international – and the US should take note……

Jeremy Lustman was featured prominently in a recent article in The American Lawyer about Israeli companies and law firms expanding internationally. 

To read the article, please click here.

Reprinted with permission from The American Lawyer.    


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PROPTECH – Opportunities for Real Estate, by Robert Shaw

The development and application of technology to traditional industries and sectors continues.   Even seemingly straightforward assets and investments such as real estate are not immune. The last few years has seen tech and real estate working together, whether on data analytics, building design and testing, or for platforms to trade property assets.

“PropTech” is taking the real estate world by storm, and with it comes a host of changes and challenges.


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