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Local strategies in global class actions for product manufacturers and distributors

By: Christopher M. YoungJustin Kerner and Timothy Pfenninger

As business has spread across traditional geographic borders, litigation in its various forms has followed suit. Significantly, class actions − once largely unique to the United States − and other forms of collective redress are proliferating around the globe. The list of countries that have enacted some form of collective redress grows longer year by year. Plaintiffs’ attorneys are innovating, sharing information and coordinating product liability claims in a manner not seen before. And the “global class action,” in which claims are raised in many different fora and discovery shared globally, is now a very real phenomenon. Increasingly, companies manufacturing or distributing products can (whether willingly or unwillingly) litigate without having to emigrate.

Here, we explain what global class actions are, how they may affect product manufacturers, distributors and retailers operating in the global marketplace and what you can do – or should at least consider – if your company is the target of such actions.

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Global Employment Law Quiz 2019

By Ute KrudewagenYuting Hou and Jose Francisco Irias

As 2019 is now in full swing, we thought we would take a few minutes to check whether you were studious enough in following our global employment legal updates this last year.

So, for a few minutes of entertainment and edification, we offer our annual global employment law quiz so that you may see how you are faring.

Take the 2019 quiz

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Top 10 FOSS legal developments in 2018

The year 2018 was a year in which the FOSS business model demonstrated its success: IBM purchased Red Hat, Inc. for $34 billion. The FOSS ecosystem also celebrated its durability: OSI celebrated the 20th anniversary of the open source movement and Linux celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Meanwhile, however, old legal problems returned. The year 2018 has also seen another significant increase in decisions in litigation involving FOSS issues, and several of these cases are very important. This increase in litigation is a reminder of the importance of an active compliance program for all corporations that use FOSS (which now means virtually all corporations).

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2018: the year in privacy

By: Jim Halpert, Andrew A. Kingman and Thomas Kenny

2018 was a landmark year in state consumer privacy legislation – the most important in recent memory. The year began with states updating – or in two cases passing their first – data breach notification statutes. But the June passage of California’s omnibus privacy law, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), was a first at the state or federal level. Passage of this law raises the prospect of other omnibus privacy laws passing in other states and has driven consensus in the business community on the need to enact some sort of comprehensive federal privacy law.

Elsewhere, first-in-the-nation privacy laws included Ohio establishing a cybersecurity safe harbor, Vermont imposing state registration and data security requirements on data brokers, and California passing the first Internet of Things data security law. This action-packed year portends even more activity as legislators return for the 2019 session.

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Privilege – a checklist for in-house lawyers

By: James CarterJamie Curle and Samuel Coppard

Legal professional privilege has recently been the subject of numerous important English court judgments which have sought to restrict the applicability of legal advice privilege and litigation privilege. Our latest publication provides a brief summary of legal professional privilege, an analysis of recent cases and practical steps for in-house lawyers to avoid losing or waiving privilege.

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Lexology: Employment & Labor in New York

We are the exclusive contributor for Lexology’s Navigator chapter on Employment & Labor in New York. Topics discussed include:

  • Which issues would you most highlight to someone new to your state?
  • What do you consider unique to those doing business in your state?
  • Is there any general advice you would give in the labor/employment area?
  • Are there any noteworthy proposals for reform in your state?
  • What are the emerging trends in employment law in your state, including the interplay with other areas of law, such as firearms legislation, legalization of marijuana and privacy?
  • What state-specific laws govern the employment relationship?
  • Are there state-specific rules regarding employee/contractor misclassification?
  • Must an employment contract be in writing?
  • How can employers make changes to existing employment agreements?
  • What are the requirements relating to advertising open positions?

To read the full chapter on the Lexology website, click here.

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DLA Piper Global Real Estate Survey

What’s ahead for the CRE market? Your perspective matters. We want opinions from owners, investors and developers; To take part in our State of the Market Survey, click here.

If you want to hear the results of the survey, take a look at the website for the 2019 Israel Real Estate Summit and register your interest to receive more details,

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Doing Business Globally series with PwC: Spotlight on Poland

Please see the invite below for our Doing Business Globally series with PwC: Spotlight on Poland which will take place on Tuesday, January 15, 2019. This exclusive event is geared towards companies and investors that are doing business in Poland and/or are interested in finding out more about the legal, business and tax issues to consider when investing in the Polish market.

We will be joined by our colleagues Jacek Gizinski, Krzysztof Kycia & Marta Frackowiak from our Warsaw office. We are also honored to welcome Ambassador Marek Magierowski, Polish Ambassador to Israel, who will offer words of greeting.

For more information and to register, click here.