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Investment in Non-performing Loans in China

China’s Non-performing Loans market, as well as the legal regime applicable to NPLs, has developed rapidly over the past years and has attracted attention from both international and local investors. Overall, China has steadily deregulated the trading of NPLs since the launch of this industry nearly two decades ago. In this article, written by our corporate partner Stewart Wang based in our Shanghai office, we will introduce the history of China’s NPL market and some important changes to the legal regime applicable to NPLs. Click here for the article.

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Avoid misclassification quagmires by understanding differences between contractors and employees in the US

Classification missteps can translate to significant legal and economic risk for businesses.  Our colleague Isabel A. Crosby discusses how the first and critical step in the hiring process in the US is the determination of the worker’s status as an employee or independent contractor when engaging a worker to perform paid work services.

To learn more about how to avoid significant legal and economic risk during the hiring of employees in the US, click here.


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Equity incentive plan basics

 and  give their high-level recommendations for founders regarding terms and structure of equity incentive plans. Recommendations discussed include the size of equity plan share pool, authority to approve equity grants, types of equity awards, equity award vesting, transferability and early exercise of stock options.

To read the full article on Accelerate, DLA Piper’s dedicated online resource for entrepreneurs, click here.




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The rise of tokens: critical considerations for VC firms

Our colleagues Jennifer Kristen Lee, Louis Lehot and Mark Radcliffe share considerations for VC investors using ICOs to finance their portfolio companies with Venture Capital Journal.

Among the critical issues discussed are hybrid token offering approval, application of blockchain technology to portfolio companies, terms of the hybrid token offering, the identity of the issuer and tokenomics.

Click here to read the full article.

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Israel Real Estate Summit 2018

DLA Piper’s sixth Israel Real Estate Summit is a half day event that will bring together major Israeli institutions active in the global real estate markets, leading real estate professionals from around the world and DLA Piper partners from the profiled regions. The Summit will provide an opportunity for insightful discussion on the key trends and issues driving change, creating opportunities for growth, challenging market participants and shaping the future of real estate in Israel and around the world.

The Summit harnesses the extensive experience of our distinguished panelists and DLA Piper’s many years of experience working across all aspects of the real estate sector, on behalf of Israeli and other global real estate investors, to deliver this important event.

For more information and to register, click here.


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M&A term sheets 101

The first step in a typical M&A transaction is for the buyer and target to sign a term sheet or letter of intent. This article by our colleague  provides an overview of some of the key terms that often appear in a term sheet for an M&A transaction.

Click here to read the full article.


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The Rise of Corporate Social Responsibility: Why Doing Good is Good for Business

We are co-hosting an event on May 8th together with our friends at Herzog Fox & Neeman, Deloitte and the Israel-America Chamber of Commerce on The Rise of Corporate Social Responsibility.

We are honored to be joined by so many distinguished panelists and speakers who have made CSR and giving back to the community a priority, including our colleague William Rudnick, Co-Founder and Former Chairman of the Global FoodBanking Network, whose mission is to alleviate global hunger by developing food banks in communities where they are needed and by supporting food banks where they exist.

For more information and to register, click here.


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Cryptocurrency Conference

On 26 April, our colleague Chris Whittaker will be a featured speaker at a Cryptocurrency Conference in Tel Aviv discussing global approaches to the regulation of cryptocurrencies.

The conference is bringing together experts, investors, market participants and lawyers from around the globe to consider the impact of global regulatory responses. The conference will highlight particular challenges faced by Exchanges, Wallets, Brokers and Initial Coin Offerings.

More information on the conference, as well as online registration, may be found here.

Chris Whittaker is a lawyer in the London-based Financial Services Regulatory team at DLA Piper. His clients include a wide array of banks, financial advisers, funds, start-ups and disruptors.

Chris advises clients on the approach of regulators to changing market structure issues including with cryptocurrencies, ICOs and distributed ledger technology. Chris also advises his clients on UK and European financial services law including Brexit-related issues. Prior to DLA Piper, Chris practised in the market integrity enforcement division of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission where he investigated market abuse in securities markets as well as foreign currency and benchmark areas.

DLA Piper was awarded the #1 FinTech Law Firm of the year award at the Legal 500 UK Awards in 2018.” Find out more about DLA Piper’s FinTech offering here.”

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Withdrawal, transition and trade – the commercial implications of the latest milestone in the Brexit negotiations

As the one year countdown to Brexit begins, our colleagues Paul HardyRichard Bonnar and Jeroen Jansen provide their analysis of the recent negotiations and their insight into the commercial implications of the Withdrawal Agreement, the transitional arrangement, and the EU Guidelines on the future trade agreement.

Click here to read the full analysis.


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Italian Privacy Code repealed, what to expect with the GDPR?

Italian companies can now rely on guidelines on how to comply with the European General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR). These guidelines unveil some interesting positions.

In recent weeks, the French and Dutch data protection authorities have announced their own approaches to the GDPR. Now, Garante per la protezione dei dati personali, Italy’s DP authority, has issued its six-step methodology on the GDPR.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation, which comes into force in May 2018, will introduce some of the most stringent data protection laws in the world. It is vital for anyone working with customer data to be familiar with its contents and with the guidelines being issued by national DP authorities across the EU.

To read about the main changes provided by the current draft law summarized by Giulio Coraggio, click here.