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Disruption in the Real Estate Industry – Don’t leave the lawyers behind

Lawyers have a tendency to be reactive-considering changes in statute and case law and applying that to the current transaction of a client. The much talked of disruption and change in the real estate industry necessitates a more forward-thinking and innovative approach, predicated upon understanding the real estate sector, the drivers of change and how ways of acting and the application of technology are rapidly evolving.

Paul Jayson discusses why lawyers need to stay close to and understand their clients, the sectors within which they operate and the way in which they are moving.

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Intellectual property basics for startups: trade secrets

The crown jewels of a typical technology company are often found in its intellectual property portfolio. Having a good basic understanding of intellectual property protection is essential for entrepreneurs to extract value out of their company’s key assets and manage opportunities and risk arising from them. Among these key assets is the trade secret.

Our colleague  outlines what startups need to know about trade secrets in this article.

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DLA Piper Guide to Going Global – Tax 2018

Successful global expansion depends in part on strategic and effective tax planning and compliance. The Guide to Going Global – Tax addresses key features of tax laws by jurisdiction, including:

  • Taxation of resident companies and non-resident companies
  • Availability of tax holidays, rulings and favorable tax regimes
  • Ability to use losses to offset income
  • Anti-deferral (ie CFC) rules
  • Withholding taxes
  • Employment tax issues

Click here to access the full guide of tax laws in over 35 jurisdictions.

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New York joins the #MeToo fray with sweeping legislation

Although the #MeToo movement found its roots in the entertainment industry, you would be hard-pressed to name an industry that has not seen a prominent figure fall from grace in the past eight months. Most employers have long understood that they must confront the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace, but the question is how to properly do so in a manner consistent with the myriad federal, state and local laws which govern this area, and with an ever-changing paradigm.

In April 2018, New York State entered the fray by enacting the most comprehensive state anti-sexual harassment legislation to date. On May 9, 2018, New York City swiftly followed by enacting its own anti-sexual harassment statute that mirrors many provisions of the state law.


In this article, Brian S. KaplanDaniel Turinsky and Edward Charles Rooker outline the numerous new requirements that New York-based employers should be aware of. Click here to read the full article.


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Founder friendly stock alternatives I: keeping control and super-voting common stock

Many founders worry about keeping control of their startups as their companies grow. As a company takes on new investment, the founders will typically lose control of the company’s board of directors and voting control of the overall company. Because the board can fire a founder and is the gatekeeper to other major milestones in the life cycle of a company, founders are often concerned about their ongoing ability to maintain their vision and control.

In this article,  explores some of the ways founders may address this concern. Click here to read the full article.

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Sport Now: DLA Piper’s Media, Sport and Entertainment sector magazine

DLA Piper recently launched Sport Now – our Media, Sport and Entertainment sector global magazine – that focuses on all sports-related matters in the legal world. Sport Now collates articles from a wide variety of countries to provide you with an overview of what’s pertinent in the sector in your country and to show how this compares to sectors in other parts of the world.

As Sports Now highlights, technology has certainly changed the way we all think about and experience sports, a topic we recently discussed at a sports tech conference we co-sponsored in collaboration with the Zvi Meitar Institute for Legal Implications of Emerging Technologies and Adelson School of Entrepreneurship at IDC Herzliya and the Israeli law firm, Yigal Arnon & Co. The conference focused on innovation and global trends in sports tech and the future of sports tech. Peter White, Global Co-Chair of DLA Piper’s Media, Sport and Entertainment Sector, spoke to the audience on The Intersection of Sports and Technology and gave real-world examples of how his practice has evolved over the years along with technology in the world of sports. Over 200 people attended this fascinating event and Peter was interviewed by Calcalist Sport in an article entitled “9 things I’ve learned about large sporting transactions“. 

To learn more about Peter’s practice, please click here.

To read the latest edition of Sport Now, in which we cover exciting changes in the football arena in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; a forthcoming ruling on sports gambling in the US; the regulations pertaining to the use of drones at US sporting events; and insight into sports data rights and morals clause for athletes in Canada, among other relevant topics, click here.

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Mergers and acquisitions: overview of a transaction

Many startups dream of going public, but, in today’s environment, being acquired is often a more likely (and in some cases, more desirable) exit for many companies, venture-backed or otherwise.  For first-time entrepreneurs, however, the process of getting all the way to the altar with a suitor may seem overwhelming.

To help you understand this process, provides an overview of the typical stages in an M&A transaction. Though the actual process may vary depending on the circumstances of any given courtship, most transactions have certain aspects in common.

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Coming to America and accessing the US markets

While there are many options for expanding your business into the US, careful consideration of the business and legal issues will help to minimize any bumps in the road on your journey to America.

Our colleagues   and  outline the choices for non- US companies that want to set up shop to access US markets. This article describes how to structure your business and some key legal issues to consider in the US.

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Advisory boards: what, why, who, when and how

Advisory boards have become a common way to bring in experts to advise a company’s management team in a non-binding manner. By creating an advisory board, many startups and private companies are able to benefit from the knowledge of others, without the formality, expense, commitments and legal responsibilities that come with appointing a director to the board of directors or hiring an executive officer.

In this post,  explains the what, why, who, when and how of advisory boards so you can determine if creating an advisory board is right for your company.

Click here to read the full post.

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Real Estate Gazette: Seismic Shifts

The latest issue of DLA Piper’s Real Estate Gazette is devoted to the impact of digitalization on the real estate industry and the changes we can expect to see in the future. Blockchain is a concept that crops up in several of the articles.

This issue also features an interview between DLA Piper Amsterdam partner Rutger Oranje and Marco Vrijburg, co-founder of TBD (ToBeDeveloped) B.V., which has developed a state-of-the-art office building in Amsterdam called “The Flow”.

To access the complete Real Estate Gazette online, click here or to download as a pdf, click here.