Written by: Richard Burr, Tony Samp, Danny Tobey, Coran Darling, Ted Loud

Nearly a year after a bipartisan group of senators launched efforts to set new rules for artificial intelligence – and following a series of interactions between legislators and outside experts to inform the lawmaking process about the rapidly evolving technology, through events dubbed “AI Insight Forums” – the Senate has unveiled a legislative “roadmap” for legislating AI within the US. 

While the new roadmap is not legislation itself, it is intended to provide a broad framework for senators and committees as they approach development of legislation targeted at specific aspects of both the promise, and the potential harms, of AI.

Whether or not legislation will be signed into law this year remains to be seen. It should nevertheless be acknowledged that the AI Insight Forums in the Senate, alongside calibrated direction provided by the new roadmap, have created bipartisan foundation on AI policies for lawmakers to reference now and in the years ahead. 

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