On February 16, Jeremy Lustman gave introductory remarks on a panel, “How Technology Has Changed the Way People Experience Sports”, at the OurCrowd 2017 Global Investor Summit that took place in Jerusalem.  Over 3,000 people attended the event, including startups, venture capitalists and strategic investors, as well as over 200 multinational corporations. The theme of the summit was “The Future is Here” and it included over 60 booths demonstrating a variety of frontier technologies already changing the world, including industrial drones, companion care robots, miniature spectrometers to “google” everything, tracking devices with centimeter accuracy, phone based glucose monitors, and more.  The sportstech panel was moderated by Jeremy Pressman, SportsTech Lead at OurCrowd, and panelists included Horste Brente, Founder of leAD Sports Accelerator, Jordan Fliegel, serial entrepreneur and startup investor, Russell Okung, all pro athlete on the Denver Broncos, and Joel Fisch, Director of EMEA Ecosystem Innovation Development, Intel.

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