The Israeli Privacy Protection Authority (the “PPA”) has published on May 25, 2020 a draft on the subject of “Privacy Protection in Entities in the Field of Transportation in the Digital Age” and the draft is open for public comments.

The purpose of the PPA and the draft is to increase the privacy protection of these using various transportation means and to lead to the implementation of the principles of the privacy protection law and regulations while using such services.

The draft deals, among others, with subjects such as collection of personal data, processing of data collected from cameras, usage of big data and more.

The draft addresses entities which deal with the various issues in the transportation field and refers to legal aspects applicable to such entities, including:

·       Infrastructure entities

·       Public transportation entities

·       Entities that provide supplemental services with regards to transportation such as carpooling applications, parking and navigation solutions, autonomic driving solutions, management of fleet solutions, IOT solutions as well as data-based systems for traffic management and control and mobility as a service platforms.

·       Companies providing information to the entities listed above

·       Startups in the field of smart transportation

·       Leases of bicycles and scooters

·       Entities operating vehicles in the urban area

The draft includes some guiding principles with regards to the implementation of new technologies. Among these principles are accountability, integrated management, performing an overview on the effect on privacy, privacy by design and transparency. The draft also suggests a list of questions for self-examination for entities interested in developing or using a new technology.

The draft in the Hebrew language can be found here.

The PPA will accept comments and suggestions with regards to the draft by way of email to until Sunday, June 14, 2020.

Clients who are involved in the field of smart transportation, or those whose activities include transfer or processing of data for companies in the field, are invited to review the draft and send comments as required prior to the due date.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the draft.

We will be happy to stand at your disposal, Adv. Yoheved Novogroder Shoshan ( and Miriam Friedmann (
This update is informative only and should not be treated as legal advice or legal opinion.