Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, digital assets, and blockchain are among the new technologies we discuss in this issue, each of them requiring regular review and analysis of current laws and sometimes new laws to ensure appropriate protection. We are here to help you embrace the changing marketplace while protecting your digital assets and intellectual property.

In this issue, we focus on legal developments around these important technologies:

  • Augmented reality and virtual reality – IP considerations: As new AR and VR technologies emerge, so do legal questions about their use.
  • The public interest in pharma/medical device investigations: In this quarter’s ITC Section 337 Update, we look at the difficult issues that arise when a potentially life-saving product is sought to be excluded.
  • The Russian Supreme Court clarifies IP legislation: With its comprehensive explanation of IP statutory norms, the Court ensures a unified, accurate application of the law across the Russian courts.
  • Potential liabilities in the growing influencer marketplace: As influencer and celebrity endorsements grow in importance, so does the issue of endorser liability.
  • Supreme Court Corner: The Court’s findings in Iancu v Brunetti and Return Mail v USPS.

At DLA Piper, we assist businesses every day in managing the risks and benefits arising from their intellectual property and their technologies. Our complimentary quarterly IPT News is one way we put our experience to work for you. Please enjoy this issue.