Nevada’s recently enacted SB 220 builds upon its existing online privacy notice regime by allowing consumers to opt out of the sale of their covered information when the law takes effect on October 1, 2019.

Although the law, enacted on May 29, was initially met with some panic by affected businesses, its main change to the existing fabric of state privacy laws is to require implementing a “do not sell” request address within a little over four months, and to respond to those requests within 60 days of the request, or to request a further 30-day extension.

Taken as a whole, the bill offers a more workable and understandable alternative to the California Consumer Protection Act and, considered in conjunction with the Nevada Online Privacy Protection Act which it amends, now offers comparable rights to the CCPA’s notice and do not sell provisions. However, these rights are tied to clearer, more comprehensible definitions and provisions that will require fewer operational resources to implement.

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