DLA Piper recently launched its second Global M&A Intelligence Report.  This year’s report analyzes over 1,000 deals and looks at the differences between jurisdictions and types of buyers, analyzes the changes over the last year and provides comprehensive information on key deal terms. 

Some of the findings supported what most of us probably suspected was the case – other findings are more surprising. 

•             What are the major differences in deal terms across jurisdictions?

•             Do auction processes really drive better legal terms or is it just price?

•             Are PE buyers really so different to trade buyers?

•             Locked box v Completion accounts – what really is market?

•             Is the MAC clause still valid?

•             What are the “normal” warranty thresholds and de minimis?

•             Does the data room get disclosed?

•             How is rep & warranty insurance changing the M&A landscape?

 Our report answers these questions and provides the statistics to support them.

 Not only does the report cover the types of deals and process, it provides an insight into earn outs, financial limits around warranties including cap and basket and at least ten other key aspects of an M&A transaction, and as such really does offer an informed insight to the question of ‘what is market.’ 

To request a copy of the report, please email Jacob.Katz@dlapiper.com.